Alpha Rehoboth College was established in September 2006. It was established as a co-educational institution and as off shoot of the Alpha Rehoboth Montessori School. It started off with JSS1, JSS2 and SS1 classes with only six students on enrollment. Since then the school has been prepared to face new challenges, initiate new ideas and undergone a lot of growth and transformation.
The college is managed by the Board of Governors which takes all major decisions and also advises and assists the principal where and when necessary.
Alpha Rehoboth College is located in Orisumbare Shasha in Alimosho LGA, a suburb of Lagos State Nigeria. The college operates as a day school but has plans to run as boarding school in the near future.
The Proprietress / Director of Alpha Rehoboth Schools – Dr. Mrs. R. A Monehin is a teacher and a seasoned educationist. She is also an Area Pastor with The Redeemed Christian Church of God Throne of Mercy Parish. She was spurred into embarking upon extending the scope of education offered to our Montessori graduands by establishing a secondary school, having received lots of complaints from our esteemed and dear parents lamenting the drop in the quality of education our Montessori graduands receive when they leave for other post primary institutions and anguish of having to change schools and establishing new relationship thus losing the knowledge and understanding already gained from our Montessori school. Having had the dream of establishing secondary school come to reality, the first set of six experienced teacher were engaged to blaze the trail with Mr. Nduabuike Chidi as the pioneer principal of the college.
Today, the school population of the school has increased greatly under the leadership of the school management. Our facilities include three well equipped science laboratories, Computer laboratory, Home Economics/Management Room, Fine Art Room, Language laboratory, Basic Science and Technology Workshop, a Standard Library, a Common Room, a School Clinic with a trained nurse in attendance all through the school hours, an assembly hall, a multipurpose hard court, condusive and serene environment, an open playing ground, adequate parking space and maximum security.
As Alpha Rehoboth College continues to grow, there are plans for improvement as well as provision for additional facilities and equipment to ensure we keep pace with developments all over the globe.
The history of any good school must have an inclination of divine calling to serve humanity. The calling came on 26th March 1999, to take up the mantle of service with the aim of training young generation to be independent and excel morally, socially and academically in life. A new dawn came up on 20th September 1999 to Egbeda and its environs. Alpha Rehoboth School took off like a mustard seed with twenty children on the first day and seven teachers.
  1. To prepare the child for primary level of education.
  2. To provide adequate cares and supervision for the children while their parents are at work.
  3. To inculcate social norms
  4. To inculcate into the children the spirit of enquiry and creativity.
  5. To teach co-operation and team spirit.
  6. To teach the rudiments of numbers, colours, shapes, forms etc.
The growth of the school is very impressive. There are now eighteen classes and all the teachers are well trained and qualified.
At Alpha Rehoboth Montessori School, you are sure to get value for your money.